Who Are You? How To Define Your Online Persona

Over 2500 years ago, Aristotle proclaimed that if they don’t like you and trust you, nothing you say will convince them. Back then, hardly anyone could read or write, so people had to do their “arguing” in front of a crowd. Therefore, if they had not previously established their reputation with a likable, trustworthy persona,… Read More

Write Real, Authentic Marketing Content

Become Self-Aware and Realize What You Already Know Have you ever been in a conversation about something you loved – and because you were passionate about the conversation, you lost track of time? You just kept talking, and explaining, and using evidence and providing examples; you basically gave a lesson on your topic. Have you ever… Read More

How to Get Verified By Google Webmasters

Yes! We All Need Google Webmasters! Some business owners wonder if they need to worry about Google Analytics, SEO, and tracking all that data. Well, even if you’re a casual blogger, getting confirmed as an official website on Google can do nothing but help your traffic, and that’s a good thing. If you’re a company who… Read More

The Importance of Word Choice

The most important step to creating a blog that works for your business is simple: write effective content that gives people what they want. But what is effective content and how do you make sure that what you put in your post will connect with your audience? And it’s not just blog posts that need… Read More

How to Find Your Dissertation Topic

I remember the day after I passed my comprehensive exams – of course, I was absolutely elated that I had moved forward on another step of the journey toward the elusive doctorate, but the second I received my “PASS” letter, I started to worry about my dissertation. Chances are, you know what I’m talking about… Read More