Academic Editing

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Our Academic Services Include the Following:

  • For the High School Student:
    • Tutoring via Skype
    • Writing Instruction
    • Editing Instruction
    • AP Language Test Preparation
  • For the Undergraduate:
    • Tutoring Via Skype
    • Research Methodology
    • Advanced Composition/Rhetorical Analysis Instruction
    • Academic Editing (no ghostwriting)
  • For the Graduate/Doctoral Student:
    • Research Paper/Thesis Editing (no ghostwriting)
    • Dissertation Consulting and Editing
      • Prospectus
      • Planning/Pre-Writing
      • Creating a Writing Schedule
      • Research Methodology
      • APA/MLA Formatting
      • Intense Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading
  • For the Scholar:
    • Transitioning from the Dissertation to the Publication
    • Editing Journal Articles, CV and Dossier, Book and Conference Proposals
    • Collaboration: I enjoy collaborating with other scholars who are interesting in my field. Please feel free to email me if you would like to propose a project.
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